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Nye: Simon, Roughriders not looking past Sunday
It must be playoff season.Closed practices and cliché answers to questions as teams – especially the Roughriders – aren’t going to give the B.C. Lions anything to either post on their bulletin board or help game plan in the meetings.Western Semi-Final Playoff CentreWe’re just days away from the Western Semi-Final between the BC Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders. Keep up with all the latest news, videos and more in CFL.ca’s Playoff Centre.The two sides meeting in the Western Semi-Final have identical records, as the Riders’ two wins over the Lions this season was the difference in what may turn into the biggest difference maker on Sunday, home-field advantage.There isn’t much separating these two teams other than who has the crowd on their side.One advantage the Riders could potentially have is at QB, but that’s only if Travis Lulay isn’t healthy enough to start.Suffice to say, it’s very difficult trying to decipher who has the edge. So if how the game looks on paper is any indication, the Western Semi is going to be another playoff classic at Mosaic Stadium.“You have to look at them and considering they lost their quarterback this season, they still won the games they needed to win. They put themselves in a position to win the West with a couple of games left,” says Durant.“You have to look at that and see that that’s a team you have to definitely be focused on and a team that can beat you on any given day.”So what will the difference be?If it is anything like the overtime drama that happened in the 2010 Western Semi-Final,Cheap NFL Jerseys, it will be one play that determines the difference between advancing to the Western Final and preparing for your exit meetings.So how do you become the team that makes that one play over the other?Durant thinks it’s all about taking as much prep time as possible.“It’s very crucial. It’s all about the extra yards, protecting the ball, making tackles and just making sure you do the fundamentals. We all preach fundamentals each and every week but this week is more important than ever because you never know what play or what situation that could be the one that determines the game.”One player who would love to repeat history is Geroy Simon. He watched a former Lion teammate in Jason Clermont rumble into the end zone in overtime of that 2010 Semi-Final in no doubt Clermont’s biggest catch in his short Rider career.Though Simon isn’t treating this game like he may have when he first took on the Lions this season, he knows everyone wants to be the hero but you can’t do it by yourself.“We just have to play within our scheme and if that calls for me to make more plays and catch more footballs then I’m prepared for that. These are types of games you go out and play within the system and execute the highest level that you can.” Related Links Getzlaf ruled out for Semi-Final Western Semi-Final Playoff Centre Buy: Western Semi-Final tickets Simon’s role could see an increase as he and Eron Riley try to replace the injured Chris Getzlaf, who is ruled out for the game.Getzlaf lead the Riders in receiving yards and was a third of the 1,000 yard trio of he, Weston Dressler, and Taj Smith.Riley caught a touchdown in the season finale versus the Eskimos and will get quite the introduction to playoff football come Sunday.If there is one clear edge the Riders have on the field Sunday, it is their offensive line. Western Offensive Lineman of the Year Brendon LaBatte anchors a line of men who all could have been considered for an All-Star or even the team lineman award.LaBatte has seen a similar script with the Blue Bombers in 2011,Arizona Cardinals Jersey, when they were hot of the start and slowed down considerably down the stretch. What turned around in the playoffs for the Bombers was the run game.“As it starts to get colder and you know it’s going to be more and more on the ground, as an o-lineman that has to fire you up a little bit more knowing that you’re going to get more than one chance to run the ball so that’s definitely something as the playoffs wear on we take pride in.”And they have an All-Star back behind them in Kory Sheets, who nearly broke several team records held by George Reed this season.Sheets had many big games this season, but none bigger than this game and possible games ahead in the Grey Cup Playoffs.But Simon knows it’s one game this week and nothing will happen past Sunday if they don’t zone in on B.C.“There is no more next week. It’s win or go home.”